you go girl 1

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Image of you go girl 1

8 x 7.5
mixed media (paper, acrylic, duct tape)

This is a remnant of two MFA art projects. The first part was a piece from the final critiques my first year. It was panned badly and I was basically put on probation over the summer. They told me I had to improve drastically and immediately and that I had to do work over the summer in order for me to stay in the program.

Needless to say I was devastated and also VERY angry. So I cut it up the piece and made over 100 YOU GO GIRLS and did an installation. I thought it was hilarious. This too did not go over very well amongst the critics but they let me stay in the program.

Anyway just thought you should know the story behind these. It's all about anger, irony and humor and who gets to say what is good or bad.

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